Pilot Group - The Health and Wellness Nutrition Pilot Group pictured with clinical nutrionist, Loryn Galardi. Congratulations! 
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Success Stories
At King Industries, we believe healthy people lead fuller, more productive lives. Our employees should feel their association with King contributes to their health and well-being. Our wellness program is designed to support employees and their families as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks and improve quality of life.
Check out the success of Nutrition Pilot Group #1.
They lost over 100 lbs collectively and experienced 
dramatic changes in body composition!
Nutrition Group #2 

Our second group just completed their eighteen week journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

In total the group lost over 152 lbs in 18 weeks and have signficantly reduced their risk for every single major disease!

Anybody and everybody is welcome to join this program as we continue to rotate folks in and out. A third group will be starting up this Spring. Stay tuned for details.
​Checkout The Remarkable Stroy of Ernestine Shepherd! One of the "Worlds oldest Female Body Builders". Her inspirational stroy will inspire you to gout and be active in any sort of way.